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Hate Violence Report

I’ve been reading the NCAVP Hate Violence Report for 2009 which came out recently. There’s a lot of data there, and I recommend that people at least read the included stories and scan the statistics (I also recommend listening to soothing music while you do so). I’m not going to report a summary of the data here, I was planning on it but every time my brain tries to collate it all I fail, but I may do it at some other time. I will, however, note how obviously intersection plays with this sort of thing. The report notes that gender expression and heteronormativity are more strictly enforced when racism is involved. And the statistics around disability here are, while incomplete, rather shocking (at least to me, as I don’t normally operate in disabled spaces and don’t see what goes on with that particular intersection). I’m having difficulty figuring out what some of it says due to the use of some vague terms, particularly in the “Recommendations for Survivors and Victims, Service Providers and Community Organizers” section, which was going to be my backup plan for commenting on this. If I end up doing either of the things I originally planned it will appear as an edit to this post, most likely.

It is a bit fitting that I found this, a declaration of war against transphobic violence and society, the morning I decided to blog about hate violence. I consider the ensuing trackback to be my signature.

Edit: I’m going to let the report speak for itself, I’ve decided. I have other things ruining my day at the moment. And I’ve fixed the link.

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