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“Trans” is an adjective.

When reading an article, usually news, about transgender issues and people, I always seem to encounter this word being used as a noun. The thing is, words describing trans people (and LGBTQ identities in general) are all adjectives. Transsexual/transgender(ed) person, queer person, gay/lesbian/bi/pan/asexual person. Talking about “transgenders” or “queers” makes this seem like this is some monolithic, all-encompassing idea, rather than one aspect of identity. I may be queer and transgendered, but I am not “a queer” or “a transgender”. These are parts of me that I feel are important, but not important enough to turn them into nouns that claim to describe all of me.

(a side note, my internet spelling dictionary for some reason recognizes the plural of “transgender” but not the singular adjective O_o)

(another note, I just moved into my dorm at my uni, so posts frequency will be based on how often I’m not super busy. But I wanted to have something, so this paragraph is what you get for the week.)

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