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So Much Whining

So, more people are bitching that the existence of gay people hurts their religious freedom. This article is actually good in that it spends some time with the “no it doesn’t” side of the argument and cites a study supporting the “get over it” side. But, coming as I do from a very religious area, I am getting really sick of this argument being bandied about.

“Among the issues raised by chaplains, according to the report, is whether a change in policy would hinder ministers’ religious expression, particularly for those faiths that consider homosexuality immoral.”

The answer is NO. Just because something is allowed in your immediate vicinity doesn’t mean your expression in altered in any way. You can still talk all about how you think queers are going to hell, no one can stop you, it’s just becoming more and more apparent that you’re an asshole as more of society begins to disagree with you.

“I fear and many others fear that down the road, knowing the other agenda items that are on the plate of those promoting a homosexual lifestyle, (there) would be a concern that chaplains would be restricted from proclaiming their faith tenets,” says Lee.

What the hell is this “agenda” people keep talking about? What are these other items you claim to know about? Is it the recruiting of children? Making all our soldiers wear vibrant shades of pink? Destroying marriage forever (even though most queers inexplicably love marriage)? Putting AIDS in the drinking water? What? Which one(s) of these ridiculous things are you so terrified of?

Seriously, if you think living in a nation where people are allowed to disagree with you hinders your religious freedom, move to a tiny island by yourself.

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