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Holding Out Hope

So, I haven’t posted in a while, you might have noticed (or not, I honestly have no idea). There hasn’t been much to talk about, and pretty much everything that will be contained in this post is preliminary.

Having moved to a new town, specifically one that is far more urban and liberal than my old one, I’ve been looking about for trans-related community groups. This doesn’t work quite so well as one would think, given that google searches on the topic tend to turn up therapists and medical-related stuff. But I finally found one. Two issues.

First, I may not be here much longer. I’ve been looking for work both here and in my old town (I own neither the place I am currently living in nor the place I would be living in back in the old town, which is why this is possible), and I have an interview at a place that is MUCH more likely to hire me than the last place I got an interview at, and I can’t be picky. If this interview goes well I should be moving back to my old town within a week. The next meeting of the group in question isn’t for another two weeks. This is kind of the same problem I had with the community group that meets near (near as in the same area code) my university, didn’t meet very often, was out of the way, and the times it did meet were oh-so conveniently scheduled for when I had breaks and/or other obligations. I can walk to this one, but just knowing that it exists does not mean I can actually attend. I may be back in redneck land before that.

Secondly, something that may not be a problem but still gives me pause, there are two groups. By the same organization. One is specifically for trans men, the other a general group. I have no experience with these groups in general, but it sort of implies a weird segregation thing, where the one I am attending is implicitly for trans women only or something like that. I mean, if the men have their own group why would they come to the general group, and therefore the general group would be not particularly general. I honestly don’t know how these things work, am I right in being skeptical about this arrangement? And of course, no matter how the groups are arranged, there is no guarantee that the local trans community is accepting of non-binary identified people.

So yeah, whether or not I find out more is based entirely on this interview later. Wish me luck or don’t. On the one hand, I REALLY need the money, and on the other I am NOT looking forward to going back to that town.

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