Hey, my name is Alex.  You might have noticed.  I am a trans-queer identified, MAAB human being.  I use gender neutral pronouns, and prefer ze/zem/zeir. I’m also a nerd-creature, a fan of science fiction, crappy movies, tabletop RPG’s, and conlanging.  I write and paint.

This blog will be a random mash of me ranting about things of interest to me, mainly focusing on language, gender-related stuff, feminism, and some politics.  If you have anything you’d like to call to my attention under these subjects or other subjects I may post about, feel free to email it to me at alex the sane at gmail dot com (that would be all one word).

I’m going to try to make this a once per week thing, but at times it may be more or less often as things happen.

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