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Pink toenails I don’t care

April 19, 2011 1 comment

Obligatory post about the recent pink toenails boy ad thing, I guess. I keep seeing it come up, and honestly I’m having trouble caring too much. Neocons are reacting with the expected “OMG boy plus pink nooooo” that makes them look idiotic and non-credible. I mean, are we really supposed to believe that so many people care so much about what one mother put on her son’s toes once? I don’t know if I’m jaded or just overstressed from school because every time I see someone freaking out about it I just go “oh, the nobrains are talking again, I’ll just sneak away quietly”. I just don’t see how that level of true stupidity even needs to be addressed beyond “seriously? check your priorities”.

It also irks me a little that every single non-idiotic article starts out by saying that the child will probably not be transgender. While this is true, it seems to be a bit of a “calm down it’s not that bad maybe” line rather than a “get over it” line. Especially since it’s pretty much ubiquitous. I mean, what if the kid did grow up to be transgedered, would that immediately validate all of the media hype and cis-panic? I know that this is nitpicky, but it get’s old after the fifth article in my search for things I actually care about.

So, can this story die already?


New Yorkers sue over birth certificates

March 26, 2011 1 comment

News story:

This isn’t going to be a long post, I just figured that some of you out there who might not have caught wind of this would be interested.

A group of trans people in New York city have filed a lawsuit to be allowed to have their birth certificate information changed despite having not had sex-reassignment surgery, on the basis that they couldn’t get surgery at the current time (and one person apparently never). This could be a very influential suit, whichever way it goes. I’m not currently aware of any precedent for this (and the article certainly doesn’t provide much legal background).

In the article, the opposition only has this to say for itself: “The Health Department must be satisfied that an applicant has completely and permanently transitioned to the acquired gender prior to the issuance of a birth certificate.” Which of course does not require expensive and potentially dangerous surgery.

Other (occasionally slightly longer) news articles don’t give much additional information as to the arguments or position of the City, most of the difference lies in how much information about transgendered people they try to cram in: